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Lebanese Marriage Practices

Lebanese marriage traditions have evolved over the years. However , some of the classic practices remain. For example , Lebanese brides are often coiffed. In addition they wear flower crowns and carry bouquets.

In addition to the traditional practices, additionally , there are certain philosophy and customs associated with marital life in Lebanon. These can include a large effect on the future lives of a few.

First, before a wedding, the couple must disclose their private information. This information can help a person predict the future position of the few. The lovers then proceed through a pre-wedding party. During this function, each home gives a reward to the groom and bride. Some gift ideas can come in cash and others can be in jewelry.


On the day of the marriage ceremony, the wedding couple are escorted out of their homes by friends and family. At the same time, the bride’s spouse and children throws a party for the bride. It is just like a bachelorette https://www.bustle.com/p/how-to-figure-out-what-you-want-in-your-love-life-according-to-experts-7639851 party. Guests also present money and precious metal earrings to the new bride.

An additional tradition is a katb al-kitab. During this Islamic wedding ceremony, the couple gets blessings from their families.

In addition , the cake reducing ceremony iis a remarkable part of the reception. The cake is usually adorned in floral patterns. A large number of couples lower the pastry with a etiqueta sword passed down from the groom’s friends and family.

Zaffe is another traditional ritual. The zaffe is known as a pre-wedding event that takes place six months to a year before the actual wedding. Generally, the https://www.adamfergusonphoto.com/lebanese-women/ bride and groom are accompanied by ballet dancers and performers.

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